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Beginning at Mt Batur Lake, the spectacular mirrored lake at the volcano centre, you will take a gentle down-hill cycle through mystical scenery back to Alam Puisi Villa. Stop along the way to enjoy the special picnic lunch our chef will prepare for you, and be rewarded on your return with a complimentary 1 hour body massage at our spa.

For the Balinese, making canang, offerings of small coconut leaf baskets, is poetry in motion. The action of weaving the coconut leaves is considered a type of meditation, while making the offerings (banten) of flowers and fruit connects one with the higher spirits and with the community. Our staff can teach you how to make canang, and teach you the symbolism behind giving offerings.

Journey to the heart of Balinese Hindu Spirituality, with this special guided visit to The Mother Temple. Perched high on the side of Gunung Agung, The Mother Temple is an ancient terraced temple and one of the holiest sites in Bali. From there, your private driver will take you to the spectacular Beretan Lake, a sprawling 3.8km2 lake. Along the way, you will stop at the traditional rice fields of Ceking village to experience the social and spiritual importance of rice in Balinese culture. For more detail info is available at Front Desk upon arrival.

This open stage was designed to celebrate local culture performance activities to welcome arrival guests, welcome or farewell dinner venue with show and celebrate New Year eve with in-house guests.

If you have never been taught to cook, you are missing out on the pure joy of making delicious food like at home. Discover the experience and ease of thinking and cooking intuitively, just like a professional chef.

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